Miraculous Recovery of hearing loss

Aatma Namaste Mathiji,

My family and I went for a holiday to Bali, Indonesia last summer where I did a scuba diving certified course, among other water sports. It was an idyllic holiday where I took extra precautions related to the water sports and we were all fine. I think it's also important to add here that I was very physically fit and healthy at that point.

On the flight back, due to some unknown reason, my right ear started getting blocked and after the two flights that I had to take to reach Chennai, I had a complete block on the right side. I was unperturbed and went to my ENT physician the next morning, thinking it was some wax or water that had blocked it. To my dismay, I was told that I had suffered from Sudden Sensorial Hearing Loss ( SSHL) which is similar to a stroke in the inner ear ear and it was most probably a permanent loss... if I were lucky, I would retrieve my hearing partially 9 (anywhere between 20 - 40%) but it may not happen at all. Hospitalisation, intravenous steroid medication, audiometry tests, MRI and CAT scans, secondary opinions from other ENT doctors - all took over my life and the following 10 days were very difficult with no hearing at all. There after, I got back 20% hearing but it did not improve any further. It was at this point that a dear friend, Garima Agarwal, asked me to receive Pranic Healing. To cut along story short, I was introduced to Mr. Mathimaran for my first pranic healing session in mid June, 2014.

Mathiji healed me of my hearing loss in one pranic healing session!

It was a miracle as far as my family and I were concerned. At this first ever pranic healing session, Mathiji healed me for an hour during which I experienced subtle yet very vivid reactions; he guided me through the process very gently and by the end of the session, I was so happy and relieved - I felt lighter, positive, there was no pressure in my head and I could hear clearly with my right ear!! After the healing, I went directly for an audiometry test to check - and it showed that I had got back more than 85% of my hearing in the affected ear.

The medicines continued even after but the major breakthrough occurred through Mathiji's healing and I am ever grateful to him for that and for being my guide and teacher in Pranic Healing, eversince.

With Best Regards,
Rinku Mecheri

Migraine cured

Atma Namaste!!

Last year ( March 2015) I attended a Crystal Healing Class.
During the class Mathiji requested for a volunteer who had any kind of back pain.
I volunteered as a few months ago I had developed a slight back pain.
When I stepped on stage Mathiji scanned my chakras and his exact words to the class was "Wow !!!! This girl needs help."
He apologized to the class and told them that he would need to deviate from what he intended to demonstrate (I was clueless about what Mathiji was referring too)
He continued to scan my chakras further and said this to the class......
" This Girl has been in pain for such a long time that she has has become used to it. It's just like she wore a helmet of pain and never removed it and now she has forgotten about it.
Tears began to trickle down my cheeks as I slowly realized what Mathiji was referring to.

With Grand Masters blessing and the Healing Angels and Healing ministers blessings, Mathiji began to work on my chakras and after a while I felt a powerful release of tension in an upward movement from my tailbone all the way up to my crown.
Once Mathiji was done he asked me to share my experienced with the class . It's only then that I shared with everyone about my pain. I had been suffering from persistent migraines since the age of 8, Which was almost like 30 plus years. As time passed by I began to get used it. The frequency could be as high a every single day of the week or month.
Popping painkillers was something I did every day. I would wake up in the morning with a migraine and just pop in a painkiller and go about my day. As I grew older the migraine attacks intensified and I had to resort to the more powerful nerve relaxers at one point the doctor also prescribed me with anti depressants ( however I chose not to take them)
Migraines usually have triggers like food or temperatures or lack of sleep. Mine however never needed a reason . It was always around like a best friend. I further shared with the class the feeling I had as Mathiji healed me. It felt like a pipe being unclogged, almost similar to a " A Drainpipe unclogging advertisement on television" It's just that for me it was a movement from down to up. I Was happy to be healed but I didn't think much about it.
A month passed by and I attended another class by Mathiji and shared with him and the class how my migraine episodes have reduced.

Now almost a year later , I did a Review of Crystal Healing class. I once again got to share my beautiful experience with Mathiji and the Class. To me it's a Miracle.

" With Grand Master Chwa Kok Sui's blessing and the Blessing of all spiritual elders and all the great ones and Mathiji , I have been almost completely cured of my persistent migranes "

If a few years ago someone would have told me that such a thing is possible I would have laughed at that person because I alone knew the pain I endured all these years. Today I am a believer .

Thank You Grand Master Chao Kok Sui and Mathiji I feel blessed.

Shamin Charles Dsouza

Wonderful healing of Avaan's eye

Atma Namaste!!

I am Shreya Jain from Kolkata. I have been following Pranic Healing for more then 3 years now but the thing that happened with me some time back had made me an ardent admirer of Grand Master and his preachings forever. I had one of the most wonderful and miraculous experience of healing with my son last year. My son who was then 6 months old was healed by Mathiji for the squint in his left eye. His Pediatrician had told me that this usually happens when the muscle of the eye is weak which leads to improper alignment and in most cases it eventually goes away on its own by the time the child is 10 months - 12 months. In some rare cases, this requires the help of exercises and medical surgery if not recovered on it own. His Right eye was absolutely normal.

I was really worried about this and didn't know what to do. Then on one of the visits of Mathiji to Kolkata , I told him about this problem and he started the healing immediately . I was awestruck that while he was healing, my son's eye was 60% better and in just two days , his eye was totally normal. No squint at all. He just healed once.

My son is now 15 months and till date I have never noticed any problem with his left eye alignment.

My husband and I are extremely thankful to Mathiji for this miraculous healing and regard him with whole heart and soul. We recommend Pranic Healing to all our family and friends and we are also attending the Retreat that is happening in Kolkata in February 2017.

SLots of Regards,
Shreya Jain

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